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Some Classic Types Of Roulette Games

Roulette Game

It is very well known that the popularity of the casino game roulette has indeed grown a lot in the last few decades. It was actually introduced in France in the 18th Century, and it has been thoroughly loved by all those who have played it since then. It has also spread successfully all over the planet to countries like the USA and the UK where casinos have become huge attractions and also where people do indeed go a lot.

The classic roulette game does have a lot of variations, and these have also been established with some of their own specific features, but they actually have some different rules, and a lot of things are indeed quite similar. These are the many different variations that it has:

  • American roulette
  • European roulette
  • Mini roulette
  • French roulette
  • Royale roulette
  • No Zero roulette


It would also suffice it to say that European roulette is actually the most popular one and also the variant of the casino roulette game where it has been well known to offer much better odds when compared to the American counterpart. This wheel has just one zero slot, and the number of black and red colored slots on the wheel equals 37. Because of this, the house edge when it comes to European roulette makes up to just 2.67%.

American roulette actually started in the south part of the United States Of America when French immigrants came to the USA in the 18th Century. New Orleans was actually the American gambling capital and now it has indeed spread all over the country. The American variant has been known to yield a higher house edge. The roulette wheel has a ‘0’ and ‘00’ as well. The house advantage is actually 5.26%.

French roulette has been known to be really similar to European roulette with just a couple of slight differences. All of the terms in French roulette are in French, and that is why it is important for you to memorize some French counterparts when it comes to the names of the bets. French roulette also offers 2 rules to the advantage of the player; these would be the La Partage and the En Prison. Before you go ahead and start a game, you should what these terms and what all 0f the terms mean in the game. In the first case, the bet of the player can be on any number or even the group of numbers except zero loses 50% of their money or the money will be refunded. The second one offers a player to postpone the bet when the next spin happens on the roulette wheel.

The Best Casino Games for Android

Casino Games

The casino experience is something that everyone wants, as they go to large extents to satisfy that wish. Turning 21 and entering a casino might have been the dream, but that factor is slowly changing, and the internet can be held responsible. We tend to play most of the games at a casino, and that trend has shifted to the world wide web. Now people look forward to playing games on the online circuit, as they believe it to be economical and fun. So, to carry on the trend, here are some best casino games that you will find for Android.


Blackjack 21 HD

We are all aware of the immense popularity that Blackjack enjoys and that fame has helped put the game on top even in the virtual world. In case the casino is too far, or you are not interested in going alone, Blackjack 21 HD comes to the rescue, as the game offers some classic features that will keep you engaged. You can play the game without facing much distraction.

Full House Casino

Full House Casino

Getting multiple things done from a particular place is something that everyone wants to do. In this scenario, Full House Casino is that very game that offers you a list of activities, ensuring that your gaming sphere carries on forever. Be it traditional poker, Roulette or even Texas Hold ‘Em, the app has everything that you need at the moment. Since they regularly host slot tournaments, you can be assured of significant victories depending upon your skillset.


Casino Frenzy

This is the ideal game that you would find, which is sure to bring back that smile. Various slots and video poker games are in it to ensure that you get hooked on to it. The free chip that comes in the form of bonus can be considered as an additional factor and tries to keep you engaged throughout.

GSN Grand Casino

GSN Grand Casino

GSN Grand Casino takes on another route, as the game is quite different from the rest. Like other apps, it also offers slots and video poker, but unlike other apps, it has a new game called video bingo. The 70 levels of content that it offers is enough to leave you staring at the screen and maximises your sense of comfort. In most aspects, GSN Grand Casino offers reliability, and there are very less chances that you won’t be satisfied.


Lucky Win Casino

Lucky Win Casino is another fun and exciting game that offers the usual list of games. With this app, you get access to slot and a bunch of other card games. They also host tournaments that offer some interesting prizes that you can grab, if you have the required set of skills.